Pro-Life Heresy 101

Pro-Life Heresy 101

The devil deceives people in many ways:

1. By mixing good and evil together.

2. By turning the Truth upside down.

3. By lying directly to deceiving people.

• Partial Birth Abortion: is a big heresy because abortion is when the doctor kills the unborn inside the mother's womb. But when the baby is born partially or not and killed outside the womb it is not abortion anymore but infanticide. The murderer (he can be a doctor or abortionist at the same time) who performs the infanticide, by definition he is saying that I can trick the law by leaving the head of the baby inside the mother canal and empty it from the brain; therefore the killing happened inside the mother, and who do we know he did this procedure? Do they put it on the medical record how they are killing the unborn? They are murderer and liar. This is trick on paper but in fact the baby is born the killing happened outside the womb, and this procedure is trick more than fact, in politic and in practice, no one have ever seen one single procedure of so called partial birth abortion.

• Live birth abortion: they claim that the purpose of the this killing methods is to get rid of unborn child and here we are doing abortion in a different way, again this is a lie because it is not an abortion this is infanticide, it is the same as so-called mercy killing used by the euthanasia movement.

George W. Bush outlaw so called Born Alive abortion and partial birth but he did not outlaw abortion at all, he didn't change anything about abortion, legally these medical practices are not abortion, but infanticide, therefore he deceive the pro-life movement to support him in the election, and made it harder to fight abortion in the future.

George W. Bush even consider by some of the Pro-Life movement as Pro-Life Hero

• Contraception depends on the circumstance: this is relativism promoted by bishops and priests inside the Catholic Church. I name many.

• Gift of Life organs transplantation: it is not a gift but a suicide document to steal the organs with the consent of the donor because he or she think that he is doing a good thing.

• Abortion is form of contraception

• When voting "choosing the lesser of two evils: Father Frank Pevone promote this heresy when he said: “In this case, it is morally acceptable to vote for the candidate who will do less harm. This is not "choosing the lesser of two evils." We may never choose evil. But in the case described above, you would not be choosing evil. Why? Because in choosing to limit an evil, you are choosing a good”.

This is pure heresy by saying, when there is two candidates are pro-killing the innocent. it doesn’t matter who much they will do evil, every crime is crime by voting for any of them you will participate in the killing, it is butter to move your residency to another constituency rather than place your salvation in the hand of Satan.

Pro-Life with exception?:

It is like saying I am Pro-Life with killing a baby for one of many reason.

There is no such thing with exception in “thou shall not kill” unless in self-defense where there is an evil attack. In abortion the baby is not an evil person that will kill his or her parent, he is innocent defenseless one.

George W. Bush and the Republican Party in general can be labeled with this slogan; it is also mixing good and evil together because the exception they are talking about here is killing in the case of rape, incest and the health of the mother.

This is relativism, it keep the killing of an unborn up to the person decision, because the health of the mother can include emotional, mental, and physical. Every pregnancy can cause emotional and mental stress therefore every the door should be open for abortion, but every pregnancy does not cause evil health problem to the mother. Again it is deceptive because it keeps the door of killing another human being open, and it says to abortion No and Yes at the same time.

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